Cooking With Wendy!

A story telling photoshoot. Below are the photos I took for this book


_DSC1139_DSC1127 _DSC1129 _DSC1138_DSC1130 _DSC1131 _DSC1133 _DSC1134 _DSC1135 _DSC1140 _DSC1143 _DSC1149 _DSC1156 _DSC1158 _DSC1160 _DSC1162 _DSC1163 _DSC1168 _DSC1170 _DSC1172 _DSC1178 _DSC1179 _DSC1180_DSC1182-2 _DSC1183-2 _DSC1186 _DSC1189 _DSC1191 _DSC1195 _DSC1197 _DSC1205 _DSC1206 _DSC1210 _DSC1212 _DSC1215 _DSC1217 _DSC1219-2 _DSC1222 _DSC1224 _DSC1225 _DSC1226 _DSC1227 _DSC1228 _DSC1232-2 _DSC1235 _DSC1239 _DSC1242 _DSC1245 _DSC1248 _DSC1250-2 _DSC1253 _DSC1258 _DSC1266 _DSC1267 _DSC1268-2 _DSC1270 _DSC1272 _DSC1274 _DSC1277_DSC1281 _DSC1283 _DSC1288 _DSC1293 _DSC1294 _DSC1303 _DSC1304 _DSC1306 _DSC1309 _DSC1310 _DSC1315 _DSC1318 _DSC1320 _DSC1325 _DSC1334 _DSC1338 _DSC1343 _DSC1344 _DSC1346 _DSC1348 _DSC1349  _DSC1358 _DSC1363 _DSC1374 _DSC1378 _DSC1387 _DSC1388 _DSC1389 _DSC1393-2 _DSC1394 _DSC1397 _DSC1398_DSC1400-2 _DSC1401-2 _DSC1404 _DSC1409 _DSC1410 _DSC1414-2 _DSC1416 _DSC1419 _DSC1421 _DSC1423 _DSC1426-2 _DSC1431 _DSC1440 _DSC1442 _DSC1447 _DSC1451



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2 responses to “Cooking With Wendy!

  1. I’m so in love with this series Azi!
    I’m so glad to finally visit your blog ~ I wish I could do it more often. I’m actually off from work today so that’s why I’ve been able to enjoy this post again =)
    Your work is so beautiful =)

    • aw tru I’m glad you liked it. I follow your blog on feedly and even though I don’t always have the time to comment please know that I follow you and all the talented photographers out there religiously on my ipad over cup of coffee;) happy you stopped by dear xx

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