Stop and Recharge… Sisterhood Stories

I’m glad to be back to the sisterhood project. I was too busy to do many things and this project was one of them… I couldn’t find the time to post my latest work on the blog, I miss reading, no time for that! I have my morning ritual when I browse  my favorite blogs on my ipad while sipping coffee… can’t do that either! I can’t multi task and that is why I have to stop everything and focus on my work! I decided to slow down, stop and recharge… below is a photo of my latest work, a photoshoot of the founders and owners of a very well known and successful cafe in Kuwait “The Chocolate Bar”

This Post is part of Sister Stories Project, it’s a blog circle so please follow this link of my talented friend Kate of




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2 responses to “Stop and Recharge… Sisterhood Stories

  1. Dying for a coffee right now! 🙂

  2. Am so having a coffee now x

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