Sisterhood Stories… (Goodbye 2012)

We are back to resume our sisterhood weekly circle.. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

This Post is part of Sister Stories Project, it’s a blog circle so please follow this link of my talented friend Kay

Here is to a year filled with little hands and toes…


and a few instagram photos… for more follow me @azyalg




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4 responses to “Sisterhood Stories… (Goodbye 2012)

  1. Love those little baby feet. Gorgeous post for the first of the new year xx

  2. Love, love love all of these little hand and toes! So precious and priceless. xoxo, Kristi

  3. Little feet are too die for! Such sweetness xoxo

  4. Boo

    So glad I made it back here!! Stunning stunning year remembered with your unique and beautiful eye and style!! xxxx

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