Circus Party…

I have always rejected Birthday Photography requests. They’re always the hardest as I did a couple family parties, I found them totally exhausting! that was up until last month when I received an email from a very lovely client asking me to photograph her Kids’ Circus Themed Party I couldn’t refuse I had to talk to her first so we talked and she told me all about it, the arrangements, the preparation, the place and what she is expecting of the photoshoot, and what she told me intrigued me and I just couldn’t resist! I said yes immediately without giving it a second thought, in fact I was looking forward to it!

On the day of the party I was mesmerized! it was magnificent even much more beautiful than what she described or what I had in mind. I was so overwhelmed, and as a photographer my heart jumped with joy and in seconds I was all over the place clicking away happy images… and now I could honestly say I have a new love!  party photography makes me do my thing freely, capturing random moments of pure joy and happiness, taking in all the perfect details, gorgeous decorations, yummy pretty cake, adorable kids running around having a blast with no posing at all and that means no stress. My exhaustion melted away while getting busy behind my camera.

After that Birthday I did another one and now I have added a new package to my price list “birthday package”. I guess if you’re really in love with photography there really are no limits to what you might take in and open yourself to. There are no limits to the the love of photography.

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3 responses to “Circus Party…

  1. Boo

    What a brilliant and colourful day!!! Those cakes!! yum!! xxx

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