Bahrain….. one more time!

I’ve been in a short trip to Bahrain and had a wonderful time roaming it’s streets and taking as much photos as I can in a short period of 24 hours! And now after this visit (my second short visit to this beloved country) I can honestly say that I’m in love with it! I have never seen people in this whole world that are kinder than the people of Bahrain… I also fell in love with the simplicity and the richness of traditions and culture. They also are making a fine job in preserving their past and their amazing Bahraini art and traditions and that only show you how they are highly educated and well aware of their rich history unlike some other countries that destroy their culture by getting rid of historic landmarks in the name of modern civilization!   God Bless this country, it’s people, and it’s leaders.

Below are a few captures of Muharraq…


This Lady saw me taking Photos in her neighborhood while she was coming out of her neighbor’s house and entering her house and asked me if I wanted to take a photo of her, I told her I would love to if she would allow it and she said it’s ok! I almost jumped with joy, I was so overwhelmed with the people’e kindness and simplicity.


I visited the Bahrain National Museum it’s a piece of art!

_DSC2909_DSC2911 _DSC2912_DSC2916_DSC3021_DSC3039_DSC3047

I have to mention here Sheikha May Al Khalifa, the first Minister of Media and Culture in the GCC countries. She is a writer and a researcher in the field of history and she holds a Masters Degree in Political History from the University of “Sheffield” in England. She operates and supervises a range of cultural centers and a variety of art-houses, including “Beit El Che’er” (House of Poetry) and “Beit El Touras El Sohofi” (Heritage Press House).  And below are the old houses she turned into work of art and a remarkable preservation to her country’s history and art. You had to respect such outstanding woman!

She gained her governmental post as the agent of the Ministry of Media in 2002, and she succeeded in the development of the sector through her project “Investing in the culture”. She was able to open a partnership between the cultural sector and the financial and banking institutions. She was appointed Minister of Culture in 2008 and selected by the magazine “Forbes” among the 50 most powerful Arab characters.


A couple of boys playing and wanted me to take their photos…


Beautiful words of wisdome (translation): “my expectations in life are proper to me and different from others and the destiny of man reflects in his own expectations” ~Sheikh Ibrahim Bin Mohammed


One of the oldest traditional coffee shops in Bahrain, Muharraq since 1937


and that is my reflection;)


Last but not least Sheihk Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa (1872-1942) Palace. It’s open now for tourists. I wish I had visited on daytime I would’ve took more photos then! well maybe next time;)


Be sure to check out my first visit to Bahrain!



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9 responses to “Bahrain….. one more time!

  1. ماشاءالله ابداع تسلم ايدج

  2. i really impressed by your works, finally found an arabian photographer using this kind of tones very well! really good job aziza!
    and i noticed also that your photos sharp and have a good depth so if you let me ask which lenses you usually use!?
    sometime when you traveling it’s hard to carry on all your lenses so which one would be all in one if we could say that!?
    thank you aziza : ) all the best

    • Thank you so much Amaal for your kind word… if I need to travel light I only take my Nikkor 50mm 1.4/f G it’s my favorite! but most of the time I also take the 24-70mm lens with it to cover wider angles… there is never a 1 for all lens but you make your choice depending on the kind of photos you would much prefer to take;) thank you for stopping by xx

  3. بنت عمج

    loved the captures
    you made me miss bahrain
    ماشاء الله، عساج على القوة

  4. I’m so in love with these! I wish I could have been there also =)
    Which lens did you use for this photowalk?
    Thanks for stopping by my blog too ❤

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