Her Birthday… Sisterhood Stories

Last week we celebrated our daughters Birthday… she turned 11! As soon as the kids got back from school they got dressed and we headed to the beach for a mini session and then took her to a restaurant… we then went back home where she blew her candles and opened the presents she received from me, her father and siblings. It was a simple family-only thing but she thought it was the best birthday ever… I’ll leave you with the photos…

This Post is part of Sister Stories Project, it’s a blog circle so please follow this link of my talented friend Kate of www.k8tography.com/blog



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5 responses to “Her Birthday… Sisterhood Stories

  1. Oh, I would love to visit your country one day. Your images are amazing just gorgeous. Love Miss 11’s dress.

  2. Boo

    Az, what amazing photos – I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dof in all of them… and your processing – wow… stunningly beautiful. xxx

  3. I would love to visit your country too. I love those photos, and Happy Birthday to your daughter. My daughter turns 11 next month. 😉

  4. gorgeous photos and processing and Happy Birthday to you beautiful daughter xx

  5. Love the photos! Happy birthday to your daughter!

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