Halloween 2012



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6 responses to “Halloween 2012

  1. Beautiful! Love that they were so into taking the pics =)

    • thank you dear, yes I’m glad they were! never thought they would be though, the little vampire was disgusted by the fake blood and that made him look so annoyed and added the scary feel to the look lol:)

  2. love these images. they feel very organic and emotive 🙂 Can i ask – is this film or digital? has a very filmy feel 🙂
    Btw – came thru via Tru’s blog.

    • they’re all digital! I’m not disciplined enough to go back to film even though I’ve been tempted several times, I simply can’t wait for films to develop lol but I tried my best to give my images that filmy feel, I guess I kind of succeeded;) thank you dear for stopping by and for your kind words xx I LOVE Tru;)

  3. Lovely images Az. Your son looks so scary!!

  4. Boo

    Wow I love these pics and your processing Az!! I missed them first time round – so glad I caught up today! xx

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