Goodbye Summer… (Sisterhood Stories WEEK 3)

Even though the weather is still too hot in here the Summer ended when the schools started! and even though the Summer holiday in Kuwait is too long (3 months) because the weather is unbearable (over 55c) I still feel like I miss it already! we had  a wonderful Summer and did many things together as a family… swimming, hiking, playing all kinds of sports and (my favorite) antique shopping! I’m still editing most of the photos but I will attach to this post one beach photo. I took this one in Cocoa Beach Summer 2012. It was raining most of our stay in Florida but we managed to take this trip to the beach and stay a couple of hours before it poured again.


This Post is part of Sister Stories Project, it’s a blog circle so please follow this link of my talented friend Kate of


and complete the circle until you get back to me you are going to love this journey;)







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16 responses to “Goodbye Summer… (Sisterhood Stories WEEK 3)

  1. I too feel like summer is always too short… Three months together is never enough for me, beautiful post!

  2. I’m ready for a new season but I always love the beach!

  3. Boo

    I love your picture and I love that you shared so much of your summer with us through your travels… If only life were Summer always…. xxx

  4. I miss summer already!!! I know the snow is coming soon…this is a beautiful picture. It looks like a painting. Gorgeous!!

  5. What a gorgeous photo! I think summer decided to show up here about 5 weeks ago, and it’s still hot! I do miss the relaxing summer days, and no school commitments. Thank you for sharing! 😉

  6. I always feel sad when its time to say goodbye to summer but at the same time look forward to Autumn. Beautiful photo xx

  7. I really love spending the summer with my kids and always saddened when school starts again. It is hot here as well and so I do welcome the cooler weather. I love your beautiful beach image…gorgeous sky! xoxo, Kristi

  8. Love this new Sisterhood Stories. Beautiful.

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