Summer Memories (Sisterhood Stories)

Ever Since I bought my iPhone I’ve been taking pictures like crazy… it’s with me all the time so it’s more convenient to take pictures with than my Nikon D700… but I promised myself never to bury all my iphone snaps in my laptop so as soon as we got back from our Summer vacation I sorted them and put them in a photo book and now I feel so glad that all the snapping didn’t go for waste and that all the beautiful memories are saved somewhere..

This Post is part of Sister Stories Project, it’s a blog circle so please follow this link of my talented friend Kate ofย

and complete the circle until you get back to me you are going to love this journey;)

Photos are taken by my iphone and edited by VSCO cam.

Book created using Blurb.



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8 responses to “Summer Memories (Sisterhood Stories)

  1. way to go, already in a book!

  2. It’s great to have books made of our memories xoxo

  3. I am also an iphoneographer and love it! Have made one book so far but must get onto others. Yours looks amazing! I have images from my Thailand trip in April that I should publish – you have just spurred me on to doing it – today!

  4. Beautiful images Az. I’m off to start on my book now ๐Ÿ™‚

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